The Municipality of Lajkovac is located in Western Serbia, in the centre of the Kolubara Valley, at 44 degrees and 30 minutes of northern latitude, and 20 degrees and 15 minutes of east longitude. The terrain of Lajkovac is flat and hilly, at an average altitude of 122 meters. It has pleasant moderate continental climate. The Kolubara River, a tributary of the Sava River, flows near the centre of Lajkovac. According to the preliminary results of the 2011 census, there were around 15,341 residents in 5,160 households in the Municipality. There were 5,356 residents in the urban area.


There are three main routes that connect Kladovo to the hinterland of Serbia: from Belgrade (260 km), via Požarevac and Donji Milanovac, along the Danube Đerdap highway; from Paraćin (200 km), via the Belgrade – Niš highway through the Cestobrodica mountain pass, Zaječar, and Negotin; and from Niš (about 200 km), across the second Tresibaba mountain pass, Knjaževac, Zaječar, and Negotin. Kladovo is located in an area called Ključ in the far south-east of Serbia, and is the last stop in the east towards Bulgaria and Romania. The Town had about 10,000 residents. The Municipality had around 30,000 residents and covers about 63 ha.

Ćićevac – Stalać

The Municipality of Ćićevac is located in Central Serbia, in the northeastern part of the Rasina District, on the right river bank of Great Morava. The Municipality covers an area of 124 km2. According to the 2011 census, there were 9,871 residents across 10 settlements in the Municipality. The largest settlement in the Municipality is Ćićevac and it is also the administrative, economic, and cultural centre of the Municipality. The second largest settlement is Stalać.


The Municipality of Ćuprija is located in the centre of the Pomoravlje District. The surface area of the Municipality of Ćuprija is 287 km2. According to the last official census conducted in 2011, 30,645 residents live on its territory.


The Municipality of Paraćin is located in the heart of Serbia, 156 kilometres from Belgrade, along the most important road in Europe, Corridor 10. Part of the Šumadija and Pomoravlje region belongs to the Pomoravlje District. The Town of Paraćin is located 3.5 km from the right river bank of Morava, on River Crnica’s route which flows through the town centre. The number of residents of the Municipality of Paraćin was 54,242 according to the 2011 census.

Vladičin Han

Vladičin Han was built and developed in the northwestern part of the Vranje Valley on both sides of the South Morava River, in the immediate vicinity of the Grdelica Gorge. With its geographically significant field, this area is part of the central area of the territorial core of the Balkan Peninsula.


Ada is a town settlement and the administrative centre of the Municipality of the same name, in the North Banat District, in Serbia, although the Town is geographically located in Bačka, i.e. on the right river bank of Tisa. This area was previously called Ostrovo. According to the 2011 census, it had 9,564 residents.


Aleksinac is a town and the administrative centre of the Municipality of Aleksinac, in the Nišava District. According to the 2011 census, there were 16,685 residents in Aleksinac.


Aranđelovac lies at the northeastern foothill of the forested Bakulja Mountain (which is 696 m above sea level), at an altitude of around 250 m, at the start of the Kubršnica River. The Municipality covers an area of 375.89 km2 and has 48,000 residents. Aranđelovac is 74 km away from Belgrade by highway through Mladenovac. It is 55 km away form Kragujevac, around 22 km from Mladenovac, 14 km from Topola, and 33 km from Lazarevac.

Mionica – Banja Vrujci

The Municipality of Mionica is one of the most important administrative and political centres of the Valjevo region. It stretches from the branches of Maljen and Suvobor Rivers, to the north up to the right bank of the Kolubara River, 80 km south of Belgrade in the northwestern part of Serbia. It covers an area of 329 km2. According to the 2011 census, there were 14,263 residents in 4,629 households across 36 settlements, while 3,148 residents lived in the municipal administrative centre of Mionica itself. Banja Vrujci is located only 92 km away from Belgrade, 30 km from Valjevo, and 10 km from Mionica, which makes it a popular tourist destination. Since it has a lot to offer to its guests, this place is visited by all ages and generations.