409 km of sewage network is planned for the Pčinja district

14. March 2023.

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409 km of sewage system will be built in the Pčinja district, announced the Minister of Construction and Transport, Goran Vesić, presenting the project to the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić.

The Minister of Construction, Communications and Infrastructure, Goran Vesić, presented the project for the construction of a sewage system for the collection, removal and purification of waste water in the area of Vlasina to President Aleksandar Vučić, during his visit to the Pčinja district.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, as part of his visit to the Pčinja district, also visited Vlasina Lake, which will receive a sewage system for the collection, removal and purification of waste water in the area of Vlasina, and announced that the state will invest a lot of money in infrastructure and tourism development of Vlasina Lake.

“In order to do everything, it costs a hell of a lot, which the municipalities of Surdulica and Crna Trava have not seen in the last 70 years. Only this sewage system with purifiers will cost around 45 million euros, although now they say it will be 34 million euros”, said Vučić and added that everything has become more expensive, as well as building materials.

The president added that the investment in the complete infrastructure would certainly cost more than 100 million euros and pointed out that it is very important that private investors invest in Lake Vlasina, and not just the state.

Minister Goran Vesić Vesić pointed out that an 83-kilometer long sewage system will be built on Lake Vlasin, with a total value of 34.5 million euros.

The system will have two waste water processing plants, north and south, and 5,500 people will be able to connect to the northern plant, and 3,000 citizens to the south, explained Vesić.

According to him, the design of that system is currently being done, and about 78 kilometers have already been done with location conditions

“This project will enter the third phase of ‘Clean Serbia’, with Bujanovac, Vladičina Hana, Surdulica, Vranjska banja. “A total of 409 kilometers of sewage system, worth 200 million euros, will be built in the Pčinj district,” said Vesić.

He added that in the coming weeks, a contract for the construction of the second phase of “Clean Serbia” will be signed, within which sewage infrastructure and infrastructure for the disposal of municipal solid waste in Serbia, worth as much as 500 million euros, will be built in 16 municipalities. In the ongoing first phase, work is already underway at 16 locations in 14 municipalities worth 336 million euros. The entire Clean Serbia project includes the construction of sewage and wastewater treatment plants in

89 municipalities. “When the project, worth 3.5 billion euros, is completed, 2.7 million people will receive sewage,” said Vesić.

“From the moment we start building the sewer ring around Vlasin Lake, in the summer of 2024, it will be completed in two years,” said Minister Vesić.

In the third phase of the “Clean Serbia” project, in addition to Pčinjsko, facilities will also be built in the part of the Jablanica district where 148 km of sewerage and five wastewater treatment facilities worth almost 82 million euros will be built.

photo: Gull