About the project

The Project of construction of the municipal (sewage) infrastructure and infrastructure for disposal of solid, municipal waste in the Republic of Serbia with the working title “Clean Serbia”, for the implementation of which the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure is competent, was conceived based on the need for the increased ecological protection of land and waters.

Two base programmes are the construction of the sewage network and wastewater treatment plants and repair, reconstruction, re-cultivation and construction of regional centres for solid, municipal waste management.


The goal of the first programme is THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE SEWAGE NETWORK AND WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANTS is to: completely solve the problems of cities and municipalities which have not been in the forefront so far due to the insufficient activity of the municipalities or due to the lack of financial funds. The programme focuses on three parts: maintenance of drinking water systems in cities and municipalities which have been jeopardized because of the uncontrollable effusion of the sewage (this is especially true for the area of the Morava river basin), protection of rivers from excessive pollution (focus is on the river Drina, basins of rivers Morava, Pek, Timok, Kolubara, Mlava, Sava and Danube) and preservation of the environment and subsequent securement of one of the most important conditions for the further survival of people on this territory.


The effect of this programme is invaluable: preservation of drinking water which will be the main resource in years to come and prevention of further pollution of rivers which has reached a critical level, and by the same token, protection of the coastal belt and its fauna. At the same time, we will  complete one of the most important obligations towards the EU in the acquisition process. The number of residents covered by this programme is approximately two and a half million in 69 units of Local Government. We will construct over 5,206,679.31 meters of sewage network and the number of plants is almost the half needed for the whole of Serbia (165 WWTPs).

The Project is included in the programme “Serbia 2020-2025”, which contains the plan of investment projects for the further development of Serbia in the next five years, which confirms its great importance and emphasizes the need for urgent implementation.

In the table below, information is provided on the locations, length of the sewage network, population equivalent covered by the wastewater treatment plants, as well as the water system which will be protected and treated from waste waters which have been polluting it so far.