After the completed works, asphalting in Vranje

18. May 2023.

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After the completion of works on the construction of the sewage network in Franše D’Eperea Street in Vranje, asphalting began. The works were visited by the mayor Dr. Slobodan Milenković.

The Mayor of Vranje, Dr. Slobodan Milenković, with his colleagues, visited Franše D’Eperea Street, where asphalting works are being carried out.

“As part of the Communal Program for this year, this city road with a length of 518 meters and a width of 3.2 meters is being paved today. The value of the works is about 4.8 million dinars. Before these works, here, through the “Clean Serbia” project, a sewage network was built and the old asbestos pipes on the water supply network were replaced. I want to emphasize that I am extremely satisfied with the realization of this project, because there were many problems, in terms of solving property and legal relations, and I am glad that the residents of this part of the city finally welcomed the asphalt,” said Milenković.

On the previous day, Kajamakčalanska street was paved with a length of 230 meters and a width of 4.2 meters, worth 2.5 million dinars.

“We are continuing with the implementation of the Communal Program, and according to the established plan, the asphalting of Cetinjska and Dimitrija Tucovića streets will follow,” added the mayor.