Burić: Multiple effects of the implementation of the project

8. February 2023.

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State Secretary in the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Isidora Burić, emphasized the multiple effects that will follow the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project.

According to the state secretary, the first effect is that some parts of Serbia will get a sewage network and wastewater treatment plants for the first time. “The second relates to the maintenance of drinking water systems in the Republic of Serbia, that is, in cities and municipalities that are threatened by uncontrolled sewage spills. With this project, we will also protect rivers from pollution, with a special focus on the Sava, Danube, Drina, Morava basin, Pek, Timok, Kolubara and Mlava rivers,” said Burić.

She reminded that everything in nature rests on the principle of interdependence: “By protecting rivers from pollution, we also protect the complete biodiversity in the basins of these rivers, which together contributes to the preservation of the environment, which, we will agree, is one of the main prerequisites for a healthy and normal life of people in Serbia”, stated the state secretary.