Change for the residents of Pescara

1. April 2022.

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In the Local Community of Pescara in Subotica, intensive works on infrastructure have been going on in the past few days. The representatives of the LC of Pescara have especially emphasised, while speaking for the Portal Subotica Danas, the importance of the “Clean Serbia” Project.

Among many works which have already begun in the LC of Pescara in Subotica such as the embankment of streets with gravel and  breakstone, repair of the asphalted streets, replacement or placement of electricity poles, placement of  drains and cleaning thereof etc., the change for the residents of Pescara will come about with the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” Project.

“Within the scope of the state Project “Clean Serbia” on the territory of this Local Community, five streets will receive the sewage network in the length of over 2 kilometers. The management of the LC Pescara is trying their best to, with the utmost efficiency, address the everyday problems of its residents, to react swiftly towards the competent institutions and authorities, and by doing so to fulfill as many needs of its residents as possible” as is reported by the Portal Subotica Danas directly from the LC “Pescara”.