„Clean Serbia“ as a condition for development of tourism in Svrljig

13. February 2022.

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The construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant will cover 7,000 residents. In order to preserve nature and the river Svrljig Timok, WWTP 1 Svrljig PE-7,000 will be constructed. The total length of the sewage network that will be worked on is 6,040.00 meters. The construction of the sewage network will cover the center of Svrljig.

The implementation of the “Clean Serbia” Project in the Municipality of Svrljig began on November 23, 2021.

The Project plans the construction of 6.5 km of sewage network. The value of the works is 4.5 million EUR, and the contract also defines the construction of a wastewater treatment plant.

The works have started in the settlement of Ljubovac, where the first section was completed: Ljubovicka street towards Mrgudova street in the length of 191 m.

The president of the municipality of Svrljig, Miroslav Markovic, pointed out that the beginning of the “Clean Serbia” Project in Svljig is an indicator of the policy of equal development of Serbia, which does not differentiate between larger and smaller designs and Local Governments.

“We are a Municipality that wants to work on the development of tourism. With this factory, we are improving the protection of the environment to the highest level, which Svrljig has been trying to do for decades”, Markovic said at the beginning of the works.