“Clean Serbia” is a civilizational step forward for Serbia

17. December 2023.

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“It is a civilizational step forward for Serbia,” said the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Goran Vesić for the “Clean Serbia” project.

Minister Vesić reminded that the project is already in the second phase of implementation.

“The plan is to invest 3.5 billion and the project is now in the second phase. In total, about 2.2 million people will be connected, and we do not count Belgrade, where a special waste processing plant is being built water, more precisely two in Batajnica and Veliko Selo. It covers 1.6 million people. If we add it all up, you will see that almost 4 million people will be connected to the sewage system,” said Minister Vesić.

According to him, Serbia now has the means to solve pressing problems in Serbia, such as the problem of waste water and the construction of sewage networks, which is an indicator of the progress of the economy.

As he says, the project itself not only means a higher standard of living by connecting households to the sewage network, but also preserves nature.

“Not only the construction and connection to the sewage network, but all waste water will be processed. It is a huge civilizational step forward for Serbia,” said Vesić.