Obrenovac is preparing documentation for new locations

7. February 2023.

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In the Municipality of Obrenovac, works are currently being carried out at several locations within the “Clean Serbia” project. While construction works are ongoing, the Municipality of Obrenovac is preparing the necessary documentation for the new locations.

Currently, works are being carried out in Breštanska Street in the Municipal Municipality of Urovica, where the construction of house connections is underway. After the completion of these works, asphalting will follow, and the director of the Public Utility Company “Vodovod i Kanalizacija” Branko Matić asked the citizens for patience.

“This work is very demanding and involves the going out of engineers to every street, and as such it takes a long time. Due to the construction of the sewage network, our citizens have a lot of problems in their daily functioning, especially in parts of the city, where the streets are narrow, so the parts where the works were carried out remain unpaved for some time. However, the procedure is such that you have to wait for some time, before the actual paving, so that the asphalt does not crack”, said Matić.

According to him, the first construction permit was obtained for the construction of the sewage network in the local community of Barič, so he announced the start of construction works in this part of the municipality of Obrenovac.

“This project includes the construction of a sewage network in the local communities of Zvečka, Urovci, Krtinska, a part of the Gaj settlement, as well as a part of the industrial zone. Also, work is being done on the design of the continuation of the network in Zvvečka, from the overpass to Ratar, as well as part of Mislođin, but also the whole of Barič”, said Matić.

With the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project, the design and construction of a new 100 kilometers of sewage network is planned on the territory of the city municipality of Obrenovac.