“Clean Serbia” key Eco-Project for Novi Sad

1. April 2022.

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The Mayor of the City of Novi Sad Milos Vucevic has especially emphasised the significance of the “Clean Serbia” Project in Novi Sad as one of the key Ecological Projects through which the Danube River is being preserved and which has been implemented in Novi Sad in the past year.

“Novi Sad has entered the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project and will receive a central wastewater purifier and we will not pollute the Danube’, says the Mayor.

On the territory of Novi Sad, so far, the works have been executed at the following locations: Cenej 11,946.00m, Potisa 2,384.00 m, Kisac – Gravitational sewage: 5,906.00 m.

“We have contracted over 100 kilometers of additional fecal sewage network nad have addressed the sewage in most suburban areas. Kisac and Cenej will receive the complete sewage, and Rumenka will receive the part which has been missing, the bid has been announced. For the first time, we will have addressed the question of landfills. Isn’t all of that ecology?”, the Mayor asked as was broadcast by the national media.