Construction season starts in Lajkovac with “Clean Serbia”

1. April 2022.

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The president of the Municipality of Lajkovac, Andrija Zivkovic, while announcing the construction season which is supposed to start sometime this week in Lajkovac, has put a special emphasis on the works which are in the scope of the “Clean Serbia” Project.

At the Council meeting in the Municipality of Lajkovac, the president of the Municipality of Lajkovac, Andrija Zivkovic has announced the phase two of the “Clean Serbia” Project.

“In the first phase of this Project, a sewage network has been constructed in Rubibreza, the second phase is the construction of the sewage and complete reconstruction of the wastewater treatment plant in Lajkovac. I hope that, in the following moths, the third phase of works will also start and those include, apart from the construction of the sewage network, the construction of a brand new wastewater treatment plant in Bogovadja”, says the President of the Municipality of Lajkovac.

The total length of the sewage network which will be constructed in Lajkovac is 30,193.93 meters.