Continuation of works in Zaječar in the spring

9. January 2023.

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The mayor of Zaječar, Boško Ničić, announced in the spring the continuation of works on the construction of the sewage network as part of the “Clean Serbia” project.

“We managed, in a conversation with the Minister of Construction, Goran Vesić, to return Zaječar to the second group of projects within the framework of “Clean Serbia” and to continue work on 68 kilometers of the new sewage network already in the spring,” said Ničić, the mayor of Zaječar.

He stated that the works will first be started in Grljan, Višnjar settlement, which will connect settlements that previously did not have a sewage network. “Then we start from the direction of Zvezdan, and that is very important because it opens up space for us to pave the streets in all those settlements. Zaječar is part of the “Clean Serbia” project, in the framework of which, in addition to the sewage network, two collectors for purification will be built. Project documentation has already been prepared for all of this and the necessary permits have been obtained – we are ready,” said Ničić.