Golubac: Preparation of technical documentation nearing completion

28. August 2023.

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The president of the municipality of Golubac, Dr. Nebojša Mijović, said that the preparation of the technical documentation is nearing completion, and that probably by the end of this year, possibly at the beginning of next year, the construction of the sewage network will begin along the entire coast of this part of the Danube, within the “Clean Serbia” project.

“If the works start this year, we expect the project to be completed in the next year and a half, when the settlements of Usija, Vinica and others will finally get a sewage network,” said Mijović, emphasizing the ecological aspect of the “Clean Serbia” project, as for Golubac, as well as for the Danube River.

The municipality of Golubac received funds for the construction of 61 kilometers of sewage network as part of the “Clean Serbia” project, and the “Clean Serbia” project in Golubac also includes the installation of a wastewater treatment plant.