Green Municipality of Barajevo – 40 km of sewage network

25. May 2022.

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During his visit to the Municipality of Barajevo, Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic has a announced 40 km of sewage network which will be constructed under the “Clean Serbia” Project.

Deputy Mayor of Belgrade has especially emphasized the importance of two project in which the City of Belgrade is currently investing funds, a sports hall and a wastewater treatment plant, as of key importance for the development of Barajevo.

“The settlement of Gaj is the biggest urban settlement in Barajevo and we have invested 125 million RSD into this plant. It covers around 5,000 recipients i.e., treats nine liters of wastewaters per second and that way all wastewaters of this settlement will be treated and discharged in a purified state into the Barajevo river and the environment will no longer get polluted. The problem of the City of Belgrade is that around two-thirds of the city is covered by sewage, but at this moment, apart from a couple of smaller plants, we do not have wastewater treatment factories, so all our sewage gets discharged into the rivers Sava, Danube and other rivers untreated, which is unacceptable. That is why we are currently building three out of five wastewater treatment factories and a whole line of smaller plants like this one in Barajevo” says Vesic who has visited the plant which has started its trial operation.

A healthy environment is a key life element of every citizen, Vesic has especially emphasized and added:
“Within the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project we will build one more wastewater treatment plant in Barajevo itself and around 40 kilometers of sewage, which means that 40 per cent of Barajevo will be covered by this network. Some will say that is not enough, but 40 per cent is better than nothing, and considering the ruggedness of this municipality, a lot of time will be necessary in order to cover the entire municipality with sewage.  We will probably address isolated settlements with these smaller wastewater treatment plants, which is much more logical than to lay dozens of kilometers of pipes which would lead to a larger plant “, says the Deputy Mayor.

His opinion is shared by the President of the Municipality of Barajevo Slobodan Adamovic who has stated that the Municipality of Barajevo declares itself as “Green Municipality”.

“We will work on addressing the environmental problems in the future as well, we have managed to enter the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project and have received designs for the construction of a wastewater treatment factory and new 40 kilometers of sewage network in the first phase of the Project” says Adamovic, among other things.