In cooperation with Hungary towards cleaner lakes and rivers

5. June 2022.

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Thanks to the Agreement on Economic Cooperation with Hungary, designing and construction of 10 wastewater treatment plants and 351km of sewage network at 12 locations begins in Serbia. As part of this Project, lakes Bubanj and Medjuvrsje will be cleaned and reconstructed.

“We are all aware and grateful for all support given by Hungary to our country in the previous period. When the Government of Hungary acts as if Serbia was acting – You know they have always been there for us. This Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation is one more way of our good and solid economic and political relationship. We are talking about 4.3 million EUR of grants which will be utilized for design documentation after which investments of around 80 million EUR will arrive and which are the result of loans provided by Hungary to Serbia” says the Minister of Construction and Transport, Tomislav Momirovic.

The lake Bubanj is technically located in the center of Kragujevac and covers the surface area of 3.5km. The lake was made in the ‘50s and has not been cleaned once since then.

“I expect the Project to commence with the construction works in the following 6 to 8 months, and until then we will have our hands full with, primarily, sampling of the water and preparation of the Feasibility Study. In the city itself, we are currently working on 46 kilometers of sewage infrastructure, and we plan to build 360 kilometers of sewage network next year. By the time we are done with this Project, I expect Kragujevac to have the environmental infrastructure of contemporary cities of West Europe” said the Minister during his visit to the City of Kragujevac.

The Framework Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation between Hungary and the Republic of Serbia was signed on February 8 2018, it was ratified in the Parliament of the Republic of Serbia, and it came into force on November 8 2018.

The goal of this Framework Agreement is the advancement of cooperation between the parties in the field of infrastructural development. The Project will cover the construction of municipal infrastructure, drinking water supply infrastructure, cleaning and reconstruction of two lakes, several designs of road infrastructure as well as construction of a ship lock on the river Tisa near Novi Becej.

The Framework Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation between Hungary and the Republic of Serbia plans for designing within this Project to be financed from the grants provided by Hungary, while the execution of works will be financed from the budget of the Republic of Serbia and Hungarian loans.
Hungarian company Naturaaqua, together with the Serbian experts, has started working on the designing for the cleaning of the lakes Bubanj in Kragujevac and Medjuvrsje near Cacak. Financing of the designing will be from the grants provided by Hungary financed by the Hungarian Export Promotion Agency (HEPA).