In Obrež, asphalting has been announced for March

5. February 2023.

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The President of Varvarin Municipality, Violeta Lutovac Djurdjević, announced the start of asphalting in Obrež, after the works carried out as part of the Clean Serbia project, for the beginning of March.

“After the meeting with the representatives of the “Clean Serbia” project and the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, which is also the holder of this state project in our municipality, I want the residents of Obrež, where works on the construction of the sewage network are being carried out on a large scale, to expect that on the 3rd On March, the asphalting of the streets where the construction work has already been completed will begin, which is really good news for the residents of this local community”, points out the president of the municipality Dr. Violeta Lutovac Đurđević.

She confirmed that the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project is progressing at an excellent pace. The construction of the sewage network is currently taking place on several fronts, in Obrež, Gornji Katun and Varvarin, and the plan is to build a total of 45 km of sewage network in four villages of the Varvarin municipality, as well as four separators for wastewater treatment.

Currently, works are underway on the construction of the sewerage network in Gornji Katun and Rasadnik settlement.