Intensive works in Vranje

26. March 2022.

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Works on the construction of the sewage network in Vranje within the scope of the “Clean Serbia” Project, which have began in November, are progressing according to the planned dynamics. So far, a kilometer of sewage has been constructed.

With the more favorable weather conditions, the works on the construction of the sewage network have been intensified in Vranje. Currently, the works are being carried out at the locations in Kosovska Street, Bunusevac No. 1. Surveyors have marked the route for the sewage network yesterday, in the Kovacevica and Dimitrija Tucovica Streets. The works will begin on Monday, March 28 in the aforementioned streets, and it is expected that works will also begin in the Frans de Perea and Hilandarska Streets.

On the territory of the City of Vranje, a new sewage network will be constructed, in the length of 142 kilometers.

The value of the investment is 70 million EUR and that is one of the biggest investments being implemented in Vranje. The Project will cover all villages in the Moravian basin, so all wastewaters will be directed towards the Wastewater treatment plant.