Janković: Works in Mionica as response to environmental issues

20. August 2022.

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Despite high temperatures, works on the construction of sewage network resumed at three locations in Mionica.

President of the Municipality of Mionica Boban Janković says that both Mionica and Banja Vrujci must have sewage network.

“Mionica and Banja Vrujci must have sewage network. That is not up for debate. That used to be only one of the issues but we have found a solution today. We have prepared the necessary documentation on time and Mionica is the first Municipality in Serbia where implementation of the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project began”, Jankovic stated while visiting the sites.

“Clean Serbia” Project plans for the construction of two wastewater treatment plants in this area.

“This is our response to environmental problems. These designs are worth 1.2 billion Serbian Denars invested in by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and which will significantly improve the environmental landscape and health state of our Municipality,” Jankovic commented.