Maksimovic: Sewage network for Novi Becej

17. August 2023.

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„Thanks to the ‚Clean Serbia‘ Project, all residents of Novi Becej will soon be able to connect to a sewage network“, said the president of the Municipality, Sasa Maksimovic.

The very settlement of Novi Becej has only been covered by 40 per cent by sewage so far, he stated, emphasiszing that, apart from laying down the pipes, necessary plants are also being constructed.

Novo Miloševo already has a pressure sewage, and the other part of Novi Becej will get a vacuum sewage, so there will be two types of sewage that can be found in Serbia. The value of this investment is around 25 million Euros, while the deadline for the completion is three years.

The Municipality of Novi Becej has had the environmental aspect in mind during the construction of the sewage, so at the same time, a wastewater purifier is being built.