Momirović in Mionica: Mionica first in Serbia to prepare documentation for eco Project „Clean Serbia“

26. February 2022.

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Today, the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Tomislav Momirović, together with the President of the Municipality of Mionica, Boban Janković, visited the works on the rehabilitation of the sidewalks in Mionica. They also talked about the “Clean Serbia” Project, in which Mionica is included, and which plans the execution of works on the construction of wastewater treatment plants, sewage network and pumping stations.

– The president of the Municipality of Mionica, Boban Janković, with his team, leads the municipality brilliantly, and after the realization of the Project, he could be a role model for much larger local self-governments. Mionica was the first in Serbia to prepare all the necessary documentation and thus became part of the Environmental Project “Clean Serbia”. In Mionica and Banja Vrujci, we are building nearly 20 kilometers of new sewage network and two wastewater treatment plants. Together with the team of the Mayor, we want to further improve the quality of life of the residents of Mionica, but also to protect Banja Vrujci and improve its touristic potential. By building a fast road to Valjevo, we will additionally encourage the arrival of new factories and the opening of new jobs in the Kolubara district- said the Minister.

Janković has emphasized the importance of the Environmental Project “Clean Serbia” and added that the sewage system in Jasenje was completed, and that the construction of the main collector in Banja Vrujci is expected soon.

– In addition to protecting the nature of our beautiful Mionica from pollution, we will improve the lives of our residents. Mionica will be a successful local self-government in a successful and developed Serbia, built by President Aleksandar Vučić and the Government of Serbia – said Janković

The network of fecal sewage will include all settlements in the Municipality of Mionica that have not had sewage so far: Jasenje, Divčibarski put, Brežđanska, Kovačevića put, Tešanovića put, Kneza Grbovića krak, Kevića sokače, part of Aleksandar Obrenović, Dragojevića strana, Milan Stanišić, Obilaznica, Đurđevića sokak, Novakovići sokak, Pajići sokak, Rankovići sokak, Jevtovića sokak, Antonijevići sokak, Valjevski put, and in the next period, the construction of the sewage and collectors will begin in 4 settlements in Banja Vrujci: Piskavice, Višnje, Krstovo brdo and Ljiški put.

– The busiest streets in Mionica did not have sidewalks. We had to solve that problem. Pedestrian safety has been increased, and our town now looks better. In the previous year, we asphalted more than 50 kilometers of roads in the municipality, and in the last 7 years, about 100 km of roads in our municipality has been asphalted. We plan to continue at this pace – said Janković.

In Mionica, February 26, 2022, PR service