Momirović: Obrenovac to get 100 km of sewage network

27. April 2022.

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The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirović has stated today in Obrenovac that 100 km of sewage network and two wastewater treatment factories will be constructed on the territory of that municipality. So far, 40 km of sewage network has been constructed in the Municipality of Obrenovac.

While visiting the works on the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” Project in Obrenovac, the Minister has strongly emphasized that only 8 per cent of the population in our country is covered by wastewater treatment plants. “We are currently building on 16 locations and in the previous two months we have built 60 kilometers of sewage network. How behind we are in terms of municipal infrastructure says the fact that only 8 per cent of the population in this country is covered by wastewater treatment plants. We have to change that, clean our rivers, to treat wastewaters and to discharge clean water into nature”, says the Minister during his visit to the construction site.

Momirović has emphasized that fast railroads and highways are all for nothing if we destroy nature.

“This Project that we are implementing in Obrenovac is the biggest ecological project in the history of our country and I personally, the entire Government and the political system led by the President Aleksandar Vučić will not stop until we complete this Project”, says the Minister.

The President of the Municipality of Obrenovac Miroslav Čučković says that

So far, 40 km of sewage has been built in Obrenovac and it covers the following settlements: Šljivica, Belo Polje, settlement of Braće Jugović, routes towards Valjevo and Ub, settlement of Zvečka, as well as along the road to Šabac.

“We have added to that the settlements of Urovci and Krtinska and the crown of that entire process has to be the construction of a wastewater treatment factory. Thanks to the Government of Serbia, Messrs. Jeremić and Tomislav Momirović we will receive two factories in our town. Wastewater treatment factory will be located between the picnic area “Zabran” and the highway, which is why it is important that it be constructed according to the highest ecological standards, in high quality and long-lasting” says the President of the Municipality of Obrenovac Miroslav Čučković.

Čučković has presented an interesting fact that the prices of houses in the parts of Obrenovac where the sewage and heating pipes have been constructed have grown by 30 per cent, which is, in his opinion, another reason to complete this Project.

The President of the Municipality, Čučković, has announced that the continuation of works from July 1 plans for the River Barička and streets Miroslava Čamdžije, Grobljanska and all streets which gravitate towards that part of Obrenovac, which would complete the preparations for the commissioning of the entire system.