Municipal infrastructure in Kragujevac same as in developed countries of Europe

13. February 2022.

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The construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant will cover 206,500 residents, and this number will also cover the industry of the city of Kragujevac and the municipality of Batočina. In order to preserve nature and the river Lepenica, the following will be constructed: WWTP 1 Kragujevac PE-200,000, WWTP 2 Stragari PE-1,000, WWTP 3 Batocina PE-5,500. The construction of the sewage network will cover the following settlements, villages and parts of the municipality: Denino brdo 3,050.90 m, Petrovac – 15,014.00 m, Stanovo – 25,486.00 m, Vinogradi – 7,188.00 m, Erdeč – 5,510.00 m, Opornica – 3,091.00 m, Grošnica – 18,941.00 m, Beloševac – 34,721.60 m, Ilićevo – 24,281.40 m, Maršić – 15,203.00 m, Male Pčelice – 27,472.20 m, Veliko Polje – 4,135.00 m, Bresnica – 3,748.50 m. Reconstruction – 12,530.00m, Local Community Lepenica – 1,730.00m, LC Bubanj – 5,130.00m, Centre – 3,095.00m, LC Erdoglija – 2,375.00m, LC Pivara – 3,070.00m, LC Vašarište – 2,370.00m, LC Palilule – 2,775.00 m, LC  1. maj – 1,135.00 m, LC Korićani – 37,204.00 m, LC Bagremar – 6,940.00, LC Stara radnička kolonija – 5,100.00 m, Stragari – 4,000.00 m, – 500.00 m, Uglješnica – 3,315 , 00m, Ždraljica – 1,614.00m, Teferić – 10,296.00m, Trmbas – 9,059.00m, Donja Sabanta – 3,540.00m, Divostina – 9,345.00m, Đuricelo – 9,848.00m, Dragobraća – 7,763.00m, Goločelo – 2,667, 00m, Korman – 1,600.00m, Batočina – 18,551.32 m, Gornja Mala – 4,110.00m, Gornja Batočina – 4,465.00m, Gradac – 2,837.00m, Crni Kao – 5,486.00m, Nikšić – 4,585.00m, Milatovac – 10,096.00m, Badnjevac – 20,725.00m.

The implementation of the  “Clean Serbia” Project in Kragujevac began on November 19, 2021. The Project is being implemented in several phases.

Within the first phase of the project, 40 of the planned 361,151.00 meters of sewage infrastructure and atmospheric sewage will be built, which will solve one of the main municipal problems.

The works are currently being executed at three locations:

  1. Milivoja Bankovića Sićka street, where the length of the sewage network is 1292.50 m. Works in the length of 461.5 m were executed at this location;
  2. Gošina street, where the estimated length 335.00 m, and 243.00 meters have already been executed.

3.19. oktobar street, where the planned length is 1489.00 m, and the weather conditions have allowed construction in the length of 278.00 m so far.

So far, a total of 982.5 m have been constructed, and it is planned that the works will continue in the following streets – Mladen Milovanović, Dragiša Mišović, Miladin Popović, Čedomir Minderović, Prizrenska and Crnorečka streets.

In addition to the construction of 360 km of state-of-the-art sewage infrastructure, the Clean Serbia Project includes two wastewater treatment plants, remediation of the existing landfill in Jovanovac and construction of a new regional waste management center in Vitlište.

The opening of the construction site in Kragujevac was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Construction, the company CBRC and the Chinese Ambassador in Serbia Chen Bo, who expressed satisfaction that a Chinese company will contribute to the improvement the living conditions of the citizens of Kragujevac. “Today’s Project is of great importance for environmental protection, and above all for improving the quality of life. This is an important part of the great Project ‘Clean Serbia’ and I am happy that a Chinese company will give its contribution.” Chen Bo expressed her belief that the Chinese company CRBC, as always, will fulfill its obligations on time, successfully and with quality,” said the Ambassador Bo.

“We want the citizens of Kragujevac to have municipal infrastructure and environmental conditions as countries of developed Europe. We have to leave our children a clean Serbia and we are working on that. That is why we are launching this huge investment wave into the municipal infrastructure, i.e., into environmental projects “, the Minister of Construction Tomislav Momirović pointed out at the opening of the site and the beginning of the implementation of the Project in Kragujevac.