Municipality of Krupanj to receive additional 7.5 km of sewage network

13. February 2022.

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The construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant will cover 6,500 inhabitants. In order to preserve nature, the rivers Likodra and Krzava the following will be constructed: WWTP 1 Krupanj PE-5,500, WWTP 2 Mackov kamen PE-1,000. The total length of the sewage network that will be worked on is 7,344.83 meters. The construction of the sewage network will cover the following settlements, villages and parts of the municipality of Krupanj: the settlement of Brstica – 1,350.00 m, Banjevac – 3,279.00 m, the settlement of Privredne štale – 1,554.06 m, the settlement of Lipenović polje – 1,161.77 m.

The implementation of the “Clean Serbia” Project in Krupanj started on November 16, 2021.

Krupanj currently has 17 kilometers of sewage network, and with the implementation of the  “Clean Serbia” Project, and the place that suffered great damage to the infrastructure after the floods in 2014 will get another 7.5 kilometers of sewage infrastructure.

Currently, the construction of the sewage network in the length of 3,664 m is underway, while works in the length of 731.90 m have already been executed.

The Project also plans the construction of two wastewater treatment plants – in Mačkov kamen and in the settlement of Banjevac.

The value of the works is 5 million EUR.