Never greater projects in the Municipality of Kučevo

11. July 2022.

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Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirović has visited today the works on the construction of sewage network in Kučevo. The Minister, to whom the Municipality of Kučevo has awarded today a charter of gratitude, has announced that, this year, 300 km and 4 wastewater treatment plants will be constructed.

The works which began in February on the territory of the Municipality of Kučevo are progressing according to plan, and today, the Minister of Construction Tomislav Momirović paid them a visit.

“We have constructed 160 kilometers of new sewage infrastructure on the territory of the entire country so far, and by September we will have constructed 300 kilometers, and by the end of the year we will have built first 4 wastewater treatment plants” the Minister has stated today.

It was understood that, apart from Kučevo, the works should also begin in the village of Rabrovo in Autumn.

“We are making significant progress in terms of environmental projects and that is a personal priority of mine. Highways and fast railroads mean nothing if we do not leave this country clean for our children. Our contribution is modest and if we should be thankful to anyone, it is our citizens on whose trust we were able to make these successful projects possible and our management led by the President Aleksandar Vučić thanks to whom, with great energy, the greatest investment wave in the history of Serbia was initiated”, stated Minister Momirović, who was awarded a charter of gratitude by the Municipality of Kučevo for the implementation of infrastructure projects on the territory of Kučevo.

The works which are being executed in Kučevo are worth 11 million EUR, which is certainly the greatest investment ever in the aforementioned Municipality.