Next year, 23 more cities and municipalities in the “Clean Serbia”

6. December 2022.

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The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Goran Vesić, speaking about the budget for 2023. and numerous capital projects, among other things, said that Serbia will solve the problem of sewage and waste water in five to 10 years.

The largest project that is currently being implemented in Serbia when it comes to communal infrastructure is the “Clean Serbia” project.

“Clean Serbia” includes the construction of sewers and waste water factories covering a population of 2.3 million inhabitants. It is currently being implemented in 16 locations” , said the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Goran Vesić, announcing that in 2023. the project will be implemented in another 23 cities or municipalities.

Minister Vesić estimated that in five to 10 years, with the projects implemented by two other ministries and local governments, Serbia will solve the sewage problem.