Popadic: Sewage network for the settlement of Ivanje

19. August 2023.

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The President of the Muncipality of Prijepolje Drago Popadic has announced great investments into the Settlement of Ivanje in the following period. One of the most significant out of those, is the implementation of the „Clean Serbia“ Project.

The priority in the settlement of Ivanje in the Municipality of Prijepolje is the construction of sewage network, and this municipality is currently in the process of preparation of design and technical documentation.

„Preparation of design and technical documentation is slowly coming to an end. We expect it to be finished by the end of August, and we will send a letter to the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure afterwards in order to approe the funds for the construction of sewage network in Ivanje, since that is our priority in this settlement“, Popadic said.

According to what he said, there have not been any investments into this settlement for a long time, so together with the implementation of the „Clean Serbia“ Project, public lighting will be placed as well.