Preparation for asphalting at three locations in Lajkovac

4. November 2022.

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As part of the “Clean Serbia” project, works are slowly coming to an end at as many as three locations.

So far, 2869.91 m of sewage network has been built in the Municipal Municipality of Rubribreza. works have been carried out to restore the roadway to its original state, and works on the handover of the building are to come. Works are nearing completion in Jabučje, where the total projected length is 4041.93m. so far completed 4014.13 m of sewage network.

On the third construction site in the Municipality of Lajkovac, the works on the construction of fecal sewerage in the settlement of Bogovađa are coming to an end, where 1738.14 m of the total projected length of 1745.0 m have been constructed. While the finishing works are in progress, the ground is being prepared for restoration and asphalt works.

How important the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project is for the Municipality of Lajkovac is also evidenced by the fact that in Jabuče alone, around 2,000 households will receive a new sewage network.