Preparations for asphalting in Mionica are nearing completion

13. November 2022.

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The “Clean Serbia” Project plans for the construction of wastewater sewage in the length of 19 kilometers and will cover all settlements in the Municipality of Mionica which have so far lacked a sewage.

Currently, the works are ongoing in Mionica on the construction of sewage network in the settlement of Jasenje where 850.47m has been executed already. The works on this location are reaching their end so preparatory works for restoring the driveway to its original state and asphalting works are underway.

So far, from the 11,341.9m of the designed sewage network, 1,375.50m has been completed in the settlement of Mionica.

Currently, installation works and preparatory works for the restoration of the terrain to its original state are underway.

The “Clean Serbia” Project plans for the construction of sewage network in the following settlements: Jasenje, Divčibarski put, Brežđanska, Kovačevića put, Tešanovića put, Kneza Grbovića krak, Kevića sokače, part of Aleksandar Obrenović, Dragojevića strana, Milana Stanišića, Obilaznica, Đurđevića sokak, Novakovići sokak, Pajići sokak, Rankovići sokak, Jevtovića sokak, Antonijevići sokak, Valjevski put.