Reconstruction of water supply network for settlements Liman1 and 2

31. August 2023.

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Public Utility Company „Vodovod i kanalizacija“ of Novi Sad has announced that the settlements of Liman 1 and Liman 2 will get a full reconstruction of sewage network.

„The existing sewage network is very old and the feces that pour into the underground pollute the “Strand” source, which has not been in operation since 2008, announced the Novi Sad company “Vodovod i kanalizacija”.

In order to return the source to its function, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure  financed the reconstruction of the sewage network through the “Clean Serbia” Project – it is being done section by section, and the deadline for the completion of works is three years from the start of the works. The first phase has been completed, and the pace of work has been accelerated so that everything will be operational as early as next year.

In Blagoja Parovica Street and neighboring streets, the network is being reconstructed, and pipes and manholes will be replaced. The contractor is the Chinese company CRBC, and the investor is “Vodovod i kanalizacija” Novi Sad. Due to the aforementioned works, residents of Blagoja Parovica and Milice Stojadinovic Srpkinje Streets have to move their vehicles from the parking lot, so that the works can proceed without disruption and be completed in a month and a half.