RTV Subotica: “Clean Serbia” brings 110 km of sewage and two purifiers to Subotica

17. February 2022.

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The last preparatory works for the “Clean Serbia” Project are underway, thanks to which the town of Subotica will get 110 kilometers of sewage network, but also two new purifiers in the settlements of Čantavir and Bajmok. The signing of the contract with the Relevant Ministry is expected by the middle of the year, after which works on the implementation of the Project will follow, which should solve the decades-long problem of the residents of Subotica.

The “Clean Serbia” Project should bring 110 new kilometers of sewage network to our town, 50 kilometers in the town itself and another 60 in the suburban local communities. The expansion of the network in the length of 10 kilometers is planned for the settlement of Palić, while Čantavir and Bajmok will get 25 kilometers each, where the wastewater treatment plants will also be constructed.

As this infrastructural investment solves the decades-long problem of the residents of many parts of the town when writing the project, the complaints of the citizens were taken into account, so the sewage reaches almost evenly in all local communities.

The local self-government is currently working on obtaining all the necessary documents, resolving property and legal relations for the plots on which the purifiers will be built, so that everything is ready for the beginning of the construction of the sewage network until the final signing of the contract.

Subotica is just one of the local self-governments in which the national Project “Clean Serbia” will be implemented. It is an investment of about four billion EUR, thanks to which about 7,000 kilometers of sewage network and more than 250 wastewater treatment plants will be constructed.

Text and photo taken from: RTV Subotica • Sanda Mileusnić • February 14, 2022.