Sewage network and two wastewater treatment plants in Kladovo

13. February 2022.

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The construction of the wastewater treatment plant will cover 16,100 inhabitants. In order to preserve nature, the Danube and Podvrška rivers the following will be constructed: WWTP 1 Kadovo PE -15,000 and WWTP 2 Podvrška PE-1,100. The total length of the sewage network that will be constructed is 40,600.27 meters. The construction of the sewage network will cover the following settlements, villages and parts of the municipality of Kladovo: Velika Vrbica – 7,788.48 m, Rtkovo – 6,471.66 m, Korbovo 7,675.98 m, Rit – 2,984.00 m, Brza Palanka – 2,287.00 m – 13,393.15 m.

Works on the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” Project began in Kladovo on November 10, 2021.

Currently, works are underway on the construction of the sewage network in Velika Vrbica, 7,547 meters long, and 400 meters of sewage collectors have been constructed in the basin out of a total of 1,705 meters per design.

“We could never have implemented the Project of municipal infrastructure construction “Clean Serbia” from the local budget without the help of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Relevant Ministry and the President Aleksandar Vučić. This is an extremely important project for us, and we will start working on the sewage infrastructure in Velika Vrbica today,” said Sasa Nikolić, the president of the Municipality of Kladovo, at the opening of the works.

The plan is for the residents of the suburban settlement of Rit to get sewage, as well as the residents in the parts of Brza Palanka, Velika Vrbica, Rtkovo and Korbovo, while the new sewage network will be provided to the locals in the settlement of Podvrška.

In Kladovo, within the scope of the “Clean Serbia” Project, two wastewater treatment plants will be constructed at the locations of Kladovo and the settlement of Podvrška.

The total value of the project in the municipality of Kladovo is 21,306,281 EUR.