Sewage system and parking lot complete in part of Novi Sad

19. August 2023.

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Reconstruction of a parking lot and sidewalk in the Dr Ivana Ribara in Novi Sad has b een completed. As was stated by the PUC „Parking servis“, the works have been executed on the surface of around 1000 square meters, by which 70 parking lots have been reconstructed as well as 100 square meters of sidewalk.
Together with these works, a complete sewage network has been completed as part of the „Clean Serbia“ Project, and shortly after that everything was returned to its original state.
Due to the dilapidation of the asphalt base, a road on the surface of 1400 square meters, in the length of around 250 meters has been renewed, as well as a space next to garages, surface of which is 1160 square meters.