Sewerage for Svilajnac and four villages

17. December 2023.

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In Svilajnac, as part of the “Clean Serbia” project, the construction of a sewage network will be implemented in four settlements – Sedlare, Troponje, Subotica and Kušijevo. Minister Goran Vesić for the aforementioned 4 villages announced the construction of a 70 km sewage network.

“When we finish these works, we will solve a big problem for these people.” In Svilajnec, we expect to do another 57 km of sewage, which makes a total of about 130 km. It is planned to build a waste water factory and when we finish it in the next phase of “Clean Serbia”, we will not have a single house in Svilajnec that will not be connected to the sewage system, or the largest number of houses will be connected,” said Minister Vesić while visiting the works.

The minister pointed out that with the construction of the plant, all waste water after purification will be returned to nature as clean.

“The deadline for construction is one year, so next year at this time this sewage system will be finished,” said Vesić.