Sludge cleaning Project of Medjuvrsje Lake basis for green energy

26. June 2022.

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The Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Ana Brnabic has opened, together with the Minister of Environmental Protection Irena Vujovic, Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirovic and Mayor of Cacak Milun Todorovic, the NatureCenter in Ovcar Banja.

Brnabic has previously visited the Ovcar-Kablar Gorge and the lake Medjuvrsje,  where she was presented with the sludge cleaning project at the docks, worth almost 40 million EUR.

Prime Minister Brnabic has announced at the opening of the Nature Center several new projects, such as the construction of a rehabilitation center as a separate part of the General Hospital of Cacak and sludge cleaning of the Medjuvrsje lake, which is the most significant undertaking in the revitalization process of this area.

“We are further building on that by constructing a biomass energy plant in Cacak allowing us to use that sludge as fuel therefore making green energy in the process. That way, we are slowly entering the system of circular economy in the Republic of Serbia, and all of that begins here” Brnabic has emphasized.

Sludge cleaning of the Medjuvrsje lake is planned within the “Clean Serbia” Project thanks to the Agreement on Economic Cooperation with Hungary.

„We will finish sludge cleaning of this lake which has not been cleaned since 1954 when it was made and we will complete all aspects of this Project and Ovcar Banja will be perhaps the most beautiful part of our country in the years to come, but without the support of the citizens and the necessary synergy with them, it is a matter of question wether that will remain the same in the following decades. We will invest maximum effort led by the Prime Minister to turn Ovcar Banja into a real little miracle of Western Serbia to joy of all citizens of Cacak, residents of Ovcar Banja and Western Serbia“ says Minister Tomislav Momirovic.