Subotica prepared the necessary documentation for the project

20. March 2024.

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The preparation of the necessary documentation for the “Clean Serbia” project is coming to an end, with which the City of Subotica will fulfill its part of the obligations, said Radoslav Vukelic from the Secretariat for Communal Affairs, Energy and Traffic for RTV. Thanks to that project, part of Subotica, but also larger part of Bajmok and Cantavir will receive a sewage network.

“Since it is the largest infrastructure project of such scope and type that will be done in Subotica, everything related to the project-technical documentation took time, but now it is in the final phase and with that the City of Subotica will fulfill its obligation to prepare the documentation.

” The start works depends on the Ministry of Construction and Traffic Infrastructure, which is the holder of the entire project, and we expect that they will contact us, and that some deadlines will be defined more closely. Of course, in accordance with that, we will also inform the citizens because it is extremely important for us that, due to the serious projects that are already in our city – such as the high-speed railway – the dynamics of the works on the ground should be coordinated with the ongoing project – asserts Radoslav Vukelic, secretary of the Secretariat for Communal Affairs, Energy and Traffic, as reported by RTV.

The two main programs are the construction of sewerage networks and wastewater treatment plants and rehabilitation, reconstruction, recultivation and the construction of regional centers for the management of municipal solid waste.

Photo: printscreen/RTV