Subotica to issue construction work permits

11. April 2024.

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At the meeting of the National Assembly of the Town of Subotica, a mid-term development plan for the Town of Subotica was adopted for the period from the year 2024 to 2026.

Imre Kern, deputy Mayor of Subotica has announced that the Town will soon issue all necessary construction permits for the beginning of works included in the ‚Clean Serbia‘ Project.

„The plan was drawn fully in accordance with norms and legal regulations applicable in the current year. The approach towards the mid-term plan was to include the investments and projects which are defined by the budget for the current and the following two years. In these two years of development much is planned and it will be felt by all the citizens. A major investment injection is expected in the sewage and water system, because the final loan payment for the Public Utility Company ‚Vodovod i kanalizacija‘ is in August, which will create a substantial annual amount of funds for this company“ Kem stated, adding that the construction permit will soon be issues for the works which are in the scope of the ‚Clean Serbia‘ Project.