The municipality of Mali Zvornik finances the planning documentation

4. March 2023.

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The President of the Municipality of Mali Zvornik, Zoran Jevtić, during the adoption of the budget rebalance for 2023, announced that this Municipality will finance the preparation of the entire planning documentation for the needs implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project.

Jevtić is talking about the projects on which the Municipality of Mali Zvornik emphasizes and the “Clean Serbia” project, the value of which is around 23 million euros. “The project, Jevtić reminded, envisages the construction of a sewage network and 11 wastewater treatment plants on the territory of this municipality.

The “Clean Serbia” project, as he stated, is the priority of Mali Zvornik along with the revival of the Radaljska spa, as well as the reconstruction of the regional road to Krupnje, the importance of which, when it is completed and put into use,

among other things, except in terms of tourism, it should be reflected in the significant shortening of the road and the reduction of costs when taking garbage to the Kalenić regional landfill.