Through extensive works to environmental standards

18. June 2022.

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The works within “Clean Serbia” are going according to the planned dynamics. In certain cities and municipalities the works are being executed at multiple locations. Simultaneously, certain local governments are working on preparing the necessary documentation which will allow them to enter the Project.

The goal of the Government of the Republic of Serbia is to cover 80% of the population with sewage infrastructure in the next five years, as well as to connect the network to wastewater treatment plants.

Minister Tomislav Momirović states that 28 billion RSD have been allocated for the 2022 budget solely for environmental projects of municipal infrastructure construction., which according to his statement makes for record investments which will contribute to reaching environmental standards of Western European countries.

SN. Site Item Current length  currently  executed in meters Note

(if necessary)

1. Lajkovac Sewage 2,752.90m  
2. Knić Sewage 2111.83m  
3. Kragujevac Sewage 5154.9m  
4. Krupanj Sewage 847.83m  
5. Kladovo Sewage Rtkovo/ 0 m

Velika Vrbica/ 0 m

Korbovo/0 m

In total: 0 m

3 sites,3 Construction Permits(total:22,219.72m)
6. Lazarevac Sewage 8,838.79m  
7. Mionica Sewage 125.89m  
8. Obrenovac Sewage 7,999.16m  
9. Svrljig Sewage 577.00  
10. Varvarin Sewage 4513.00  
11. Vranje Sewage 2209.00  
12. Kučevo Sewage 240 m Kučevo Phase I (7115 m )
13. Novi Sad Sewage 24,141.00 2 active sites with 2 Construction Permits, Kisač and Čenej.
14. Novi Bečej Sewage 30,519.48 3 active sites with 3 Construction Permits.
15. Banja Vrujci Sewage 1,942.63m  
16. Veliki Crljeni Sewage 1,223.61m