Vesić: Second phase of works soon to commence in Sombor

21. February 2023.

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The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Goran Vesić has announced the start of works on the Second Phase of the “Clean Serbia” Project in Sombor, during which the construction of sewage network in this Vojvodina town will continue.

“We are currently living in unstable times where there is a war going on on our continent, and where nobody knows whether that war will spread and what its consequences on our continent will be. We, as a small nation keep our peace and independence, we keep our right to make a free choice, but we also keep what is most important and that is peace and our country. We, as the Government of the Republic of Serbia, have initiated several projects on the territory of Vojvodina and in Sombor itself. I am very happy to participate as a Minister in the implementation of said projects”,Vesić stated.

Vesić is of the opinion that the continuation of works within the “Clean Serbia” Project, a connection to a highway and the reconstruction of the Sombor-Vrbas railway improve the lives of Sombor residents in many ways. The Minister has mentioned that members of 21 different nations inhabit Sombor and has asked them to keep cherishing that diversity.

“Cherish the treasure that you have, tolerance and cohabitation… This is a mutual house of everyone living in Sombor. That is our treasure. By keeping peace, we keep what is most important and precious in the times to come”, was the Minister’s message.