Works are going according to plan

13. May 2022.

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Works on the construction of the sewage network in 15 Municipalities and Cities with which the contracts were signed within the “Clean Serbia” Project are going according to the planned dynamics.

This year, signing of new contracts is planned, and that way the construction of sewage network will be possible in even more cities, which will also unequivocally raise the living standard of residents there and preserve the rivers in their immediate vicinity.

SN. Site What is worked on Lengths being worked on now
1. Lajkovac Sewage 2,267.85
2. Knić Sewage 1711.83
3. Kragujevac Sewage 3808.5
4. Krupanj Sewage 874.83
5. Kladovo Sewage Rtkovo/ 6755.26 m

Velika Vrbica/ 7788.48 m

Korbovo/7675.98 m

Total: 22 219,72 m

6. Lazarevac Sewage 8.838.79
7. Mionica Sewage 125.89
8. Obrenovac Sewage 5,766.12
9. Svrljig Sewage 831.9
10. Varvarin Sewage 27,036.00
11. Vranje Sewage 4,030.00
12. Kučevo Sewage 7115 m
13. Novi Sad Sewage 23775
14. Novi Bečej Sewage 24773
15. Banja Vrujci Sewage 604.91

Due to the continuous decrease in the quality of waters, as well as due to the intensive and imbalanced use of waters in different regions and industries, which is not linked enough to the adoption of coherent practices of water recycling and reuse, the future availability of waters is in many regions jeopardized.  That is way, on the threshold of the third millennium, water can be considered a strategic resource, as well as a trade good, and programs of sustainable water management must be implemented on local, regional, national and international levels (Teodosiu et al., 2003).