Works at one additional location in Kladovo

20. August 2022.

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Works on the construction of wastewater sewage in Kladovo have began at one additional location. The site was visited by the President of the Municipality of Kladovo Saša Nikolić.

Works on the construction of sewage network have begun in the Obala Rita St., which is one of the six locations where the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project is being implemented. Works will be executed in the length of 2,992.00 meters.

President of the Municipality of Kladovo Saša Nikolić says that the lack of sewage posed considerable problems to the local residents: “Those problems will be addressed now. Works are being carried out in five streets, those will be connected and transversal and at around 3 kilometers pipes in the diameter of 200 and 250 millimeters will be installed and 96 manholes will be placed”, Nikolić stated.

“Clean Serbia”  Project plans the construction of 41 kilometers of sewage in Kladovo and two wastewater treatment plants in the Kostol suburb and Local Community of Podvrška.

Apart from the residents of the settlement of Rit on the urban outskirts, residents of Velika Vrbica will also receive wastewater sewage as well as the residents in parts of Brza Palanka, Rtkovo and Korbovo, while the residents of the settlement of Podvrška will receive brand new wastewater sewage in the length of 11 kilometers.

Value of all works in Kladovo is 21.3 million Euros.