Works on the construction of the sewage network in Banja Vrujci have commenced

3. April 2022.

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The works on the construction of the sewage network for which the Government of the Republic of Serbia has allocated 1.2 billion RSD have commenced in four settlements in Banja Vrujci. In hamlets Piskavica, Visnja, Krstovo brdo and Ljiski put, 8.5 kilometers of sewage network will be constructed. The works were toured by the President of the Municipality of Mionica Boban Jankovic who has emphasised the importance of implementation of this Project which is a historical investment for the Municipality of Mionica and Banja Vrujci.

– We have begun with the implementation of the Project, the one which residents of Vrujci have wated for way too long.  It was not easy to prepare the documentation and to start addressing this problem. But today we are here to confirm that we have succeeded and that residents of this part of the municipality after years and years of waiting finally solve the problem of sewage, but also that of wastewater drainage.  Aside from the sewage network, we will also build a wastewater purifier. It is something we truly need. Banja Vrujci exudes exceptional nature and we must take all possible measures to protect it. Here, spa tourism is heavily present and we plan to improve it, and we will succeed in doing so if we previously provide proper infrastructure – said the President of the Municipality of Mionica.

The implementation of the “Clean Serbia” Project, which plans the execution of works on the construction of wastewater treatment plants, sewage network and pumping stations, has actually commenced in Mionica last year, when the works on construction of sewage network began in Jasenje, which have been completed recently.

The fecal sewage network will cover all settlements, which were previously lacking in the sewage network, in the Municipality of Mionica: Jasenje, Divcibarski put, Brezdjanska, Kovacevica put, Tesanovica put, Kneza Grbovica krak, Kevica sokace, part of Aleksandar Obrenovic, Dragojevica strana, Milana Stanisica, Obilaznica, Djurdjevica sokak, Novakovici sokak, Pajici sokak, Rankovici sokak, Jevtovica sokak, Antonijevici sokak, Valjevski put.

In Mionica on April 2nd 2022