Works progressing within “Clean Serbia” project

22. March 2022.

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Despite the bad weather and winter conditions of work, the works on the construction of the sewage network on several opened construction sites in 14 cities and municipalities have certainly not halted.

On several locations, more than the half of planned works have been completed, which opens up the possibility for works which were divided into phases to progress to the next phase. Several construction sites have been opened in the beginning of this year, but the pace of completed works was going according to the plan, despite the snow, rain and lower temperatures.

The “Clean Serbia” Project plans the construction of 5,206,679.31 m of sewage network in total, and the number of wastewater treatment plants is almost the half of the total number needed for the whole of Serbia (165 WWTPs).

The works are expected to start on more locations this year, as well as the signing of the contracts with the cities and municipalities.

1. Lajkovac, completed – 2,869.15m

2. Knic – Kusovac drain -730m

3. Kragujevac :

Male Pcelice 113m


Milivoja Bankovica Sicka – 690.5 m

Marsic -554m

4. Krupanj -1,265.30m


Velika Vrbica: 840,62m completed sewer collectors on the basin 400

Korbovo: 172,91m completed sewer collectors on the basin 600

970,15m completed sewer collectors on the basin 700

Rtkovo: 120m completed sewer collectors on the basin 800

6. Lazarevac: 3,805.4m

7. Mionica: 850.34m

8. Obrenovac: 5,617m

9. Svrljig :

Ljubovacka towards the Mrgodova DN200 -191.00m

Ljubovacka towards the Groblje DN200 -138.20m

10. Varvarin:

Obrez- DN200 -588.50m/ DN315 -150.00m

11. Vranje:

Kosovska Street DN200 -499.50m/ Atmospheric sewage DN400 -76.00m

Bunosevac DN315 -256.00m

12. Kucevo: 840.62m

13. Novi Sad:

Cenej 11,946.00

Potisa 2,384.00 m

Kisac– Gravitational sewage: 5,906.00 m

14.Novi Becej 701 m