Živković: Lajkovac and the surrounding villages will be covered by a sewage network

25. May 2022.

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President of the Municipality of Lajkovac, Andrija Živković has highlighted that the “Clean Serbia“ Project is one of the most important projects in this Municipality in the last few decades. The works in this Municipality have reached Phase two, and currently, the works are being carried out on the construction of a sewage network in Jabučje.

“Last year, we have started Phase one of the Project, completed Rubibreza where 4km of sewage network was constructed, and a few days ago the works on Phase two of the Clean Serbia Project have begun on a sewage network which will cover our most populated place after Lajkovac, the Local Community of Jabučje, where 26 km of primary sewage network will be built, however in the center of the village secondary sewage will be constructed for vital facilities located in the center of Jabučje, as well as for several hamlets like Negić, roundabout for Tomići“, says Živković .

He has stated that on the very section five pumping stations will be constructed for the purposes of the sewage networl. The plan is that the entire sewage network gets connected to the pumping station Borverk, which Lajkovac has constructed independently a few years ago. “From there, later on, it will go towards a wastewater treatment plant which is on the border of Lajkovac and Ćelije and which has entered this Project and will be completely re-constructed and operational soon. The next phase, the start of which we are expecting, is the construction of the primary sewage network and construction of a brand-new plant in Bogovađa. This Project is important for the whole of Jabučje because of how it raises the economic awareness of the residents and with this Project, all locals will get the possibility of connecting to a sewage network, becase it is the 21st Century and that is necessary for living“, says Živković.

With the implementation of the “Clean Serbia“ Project, more than 3000 residents of the settlement of Jabučje and around 2000 households will receive a sewage network. Živković has stated that he expects the works to last for the remainder of the year and to be completed with the start of 2023.

“All hamlets of Jabučje from Viš, Staro selo, Donji kraj, Gornji kraj, Gaj to Serinka will be covered by a primary sewage network. A big thank you to the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Ministry of Construction and its Minister Tomislav Momirović for recognizing the importance of the Project and Lajkovac being among first cities and municipalities to enter this Project and I hope that in the future we will have more good news regarding our municipalities. With the construction of this network, roads will be renewed on the territories where the sewage will be constructed, which will restore them to their original condition. That means that apart from the sewage network, road infrastructure will be upgraded as well and I expect the works to progress according to the planned dynamics“, says the president of the Municipality emphasizing that with the implementation of the “Clean Serbia“ Project, Lajkovac and its surrounding villages will bee 100% covered by a sewage network.