Works began in Kučevo

19. February 2022.

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The works on the implementation of the  “Clean Serbia” Project have started in Kučevo. The total length of the sewage network that will be worked on is 25,142.10 meters.

The construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant will cover 4,000 residents. In order to preserve nature, the rivers Pek and Rabrovski potok the following will be built: WWTP 1 Kučevo1 PE-3.000, WWTP 2 Rabrovo PE-1.000. The construction of the sewage network will include the following settlements, villages and parts of the municipality: Kučevo – 17,428.50 m, Rabrovo – 7,713.60 m.

The beginning of the works in Kučevo was attended by the Minister of Construction Tomislav Momirović, who emphasized that it is the duty of this generation to solve the environmental problems. “In the next twelve to eighteen months, we will complete most of this Project. This is part of a large wave of investment in municipal infrastructure in order to make our rivers clean and raise environmental standards to the level of Western Europe. The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, has opened the topic and we must observe these environmental problems at the national level, and that is how we must solve them. The  River Pek must be clean for the future of this region, because it is our duty to leave a more beautiful and better Serbia to future generations. It is rude that some people use environmental issues to pick up cheap political points. It is the duty of this generation to solve the problem, “said the Minister.

The total value of the Project in the Municipality of Kučevo is 11,203,113 EUR, and the contractor is the Chinese company China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC).