Additional 60 km of sewage network in Subotica

In Subotica, an additional 60km of sewage network will be constructed soon, which is possible thanks to the successfully implemented first phase of the “Clean Serbia” Project.”The expansion will cover both the town and Palic, and the value of works is 25.4 million Euros” Radoslav Vukelic from the secretariat for municipal affairs of Subotica stated among other things.

The town of Subotica has been preparing all necessary documentation for the past year, so the expectations are that everything regarding that should be finalized by the end of June.

„The exact time frame for the commencement of works will be followed by the issuing of construction permits based on the design and technical documentation which is in the final stage of preparation. Tentatively planned duration of works is 39 months (since the day of commencement) and include the excavation of trenches, pouring of the sand bed, placement of pipes, inspection of pipes, backfilling of trenches and placement of all inspection manholes and pumping stations planned in the design” Vukelic said.

In the next phase of the “Clean Serbia” Project, it is planned to construct a wastewater treatment plant in Cantavir and Bajmok, as well as a sewage network in the length of 25 km respectively in each of those places.

Vukelic reckons that this is the biggest municipal investment in the last few decades.