Close to 10 km of sewage network was built in Novi Bečej

As part of the “Clean Serbia” project, close to 10 kilometers of sewage network have been built in Novi Bečej. The construction of a system for the removal and processing of waste water will permanently solve the sewage problem for the 17,000 inhabitants of this municipality.

In the Municipality of Novi Bečej, two waste water drainage systems are used for the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project: vacuum and gravity. The total contracted length in Novi Bečej is 47,580.28 m. The largest part of the contracted length is provided by the building permit of vacuum phase II. So far, 32,564.74 meters have been constructed. Execution and testing of vacuum sewerage

the network runs smoothly and according to the planned dynamics.

The vacuum phase I in Novi Bečej is almost finished, there is still less than one kilometer to go, while 3,594.19m have been completed so far. The remaining part will be done according to the predicted dynamics of the works, and this phase will also be tested again as part of a connected vacuum sewage system.

The vacuum sewerage system is used in cases such as: completely flat terrain, especially if the groundwater level is high, – unfavorable longitudinal profile with pronounced ups and downs, unstable soil, low population density and large coefficients of unevenness of water consumption, i.e. uneven flow in sewerage, the need to protect the terrain from possible contamination by canal content, the need for a high degree of environmental protection When it comes to the gravity sewerage system in Novi Bečej, a total of 3,325.25 meters have been done so far. After the approval of the methodology by the road supervision, the remaining part was paved. There is a little less than one kilometer left until the contracted 4,055 meters, so even this section covered by the construction with permission closer to the end.

The total value of the project, which, in addition to the sewage network, also includes the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in this municipality is 24.5 million euros.

The first 118 meters were completed in Podbara, Novi Sad

The first 118 meters of the sewer network in Podbara in Novi Sad have been completed.

The reconstruction of the sewerage network at Podbara in Novi Sad has successfully started. The “Clean Serbia” project envisages that the works will be carried out in several phases.

The first 118 meters together with drains and connections have been completed. We are waiting for the investor to approve the continuation of the works, as well as the addition of the project for the upcoming phase of the works. The completed section was restored to its original state after the reconstruction of the network.

“The subcontractors took all the necessary measures regarding the safe execution of the works, especially considering that the construction site is located in the very center of the city,” said the Regional Center of “Clean Serbia” in Novi Sad.

In Novi Sad, the implementation of the following projects is planned: the construction of a sewage network in the settlements of Čenej and Kisač, reconstruction of the sewage system at Port 1, Port 2, as well as the sewage network at Podbara in four phases.

In total, when it comes to Novi Sad, the project envisages the construction of 66.8 km of sewage network within Phase 1, 24.9 km of network + 1 WWTP within Phase 2 and 3.

Sewer network for more than 3000 households in Kisač and Čenej

Works at the Kisač and Čenej locations in Novi Sad are progressing according to the expected dynamics. The construction site in Čenej is practically completed.

The implementation of the project in the settlement of Čenej will enable connection to the sewage network for 715 households. On this construction site, 14,487.54 meters have already been built and the gravity sewer network is almost completely completed. As stated in the “Clean Serbia” regional center in Novi Sad, it remains for the investor answers to the inquiry sent to him at the beginning of the year regarding the implementation of the secondary network.

In Čenej, work is currently being carried out on the pumping stations, which started after the electrical installations were moved, which made it impossible to carry out the work safely.

Of the contracted 66,800.00 m of sewage network in the municipality of Novi Sad, 12,077.98 m was constructed in Kisač. After obtaining the approval for asphalting by the road supervision, almost all the sections on which the works were separated were returned to their original condition, according to the conditions stipulated in the contract. Preparatory works at the pumping stations have been completed, and after receiving approval from the supervisory authority, their execution will begin.

The “Clean Serbia” project envisages the construction of 2 pumping stations, and as many as 2,371 individual households will be connected to the sewage system. The works carried out in Kisač and Čenej are worth 2 billion dinars.

Works in three local communities in Lazarevac

Works, on the construction of sewage network are currently in progress in three local communities in Lazarevac, and which are executed as part of the “Clean Serbia” Project. In the local communities Šopić, Beli potok and Branka Radičevića, three kilometers of sewage network has been completed so far.

Through the “Clean Serbia” Project, in the local community Šopić in Miletića kraj and Beli potok, the works on the construction of new sewage network are in progress. The works were recently visited by the President of the Municipality of Lazarevac Bojan Stević who stated that so far, around 1800 meters of sewage has been completed, and by the end of the works, placement of additional 1600 meters of sewage network is planned in this local community.

Apart from the aforementioned two local communities, the works are also underway in the local community Branko Radičević.

„Through the “Clean Serbia” Project, the works on the construction of new sewage network are executed in the local community Branko Radičević, where in the Vuka Karadžića Street, 1200 meters of sewage network has been completed so far, while the works are currently in progress on the remaining 500 meters” Stević stated.

The implementation of the “Clean Serbia” Project in the Municipality of Lazarevac began on October 20, 2021, and within the scope of the “Clean Serbia” Project, 25,052.88 meters of sewage network and one wastewater treatment plant which will cover 40 000 residents will be constructed in the Municipality of Lazarevac.

The value of works in the Municipalities of Lazarevac and Veliki Crljeni is 48 million Euros.



New construction site in Kragujevac

Another construction site was opened in Kragujevac as part of the “Clean Serbia” project. The residents of the Ilićevo settlement will receive a new sewer line.

IIićevo 2 envisages the construction of a sewage network with a length of 3,463 meters and the installation of as many as 168 manholes and pipes with a profile of 250 mm. The first works are currently being carried out in Dimitrija Katić Street, and works will follow in Sveta Pavkovića, Bogoljub Djordjevića Streets as a whole. already started in Ulica Bogoljuba Djordjevića (upper part).

In Kragujevac, in addition to Ilićevo, 4 other construction sites are currently active: Male pčelice, Maršić, Brdjanska street and Vladimira Pejovića street. In the previous week, Milivoja Bankovića Sićka Street was asphalted, thus completing the works at the mentioned location.

The contractor is Concord west.

In Kučevo, the work is already half done

Works on the construction of sewage infrastructure in the Municipality of Kučevo have reached practically half. The streets are being prepared for asphalting.

The total projected length for two construction sites on the territory of the Municipality of Kučevo provided by the project is: PHASE 1 + PHASE 2 17,428.50 m. So far, a total of 6,295.50 meters have been constructed.

Preparations are underway for the execution of house connections, as well as preparations for asphalting the streets, which will practically complete the works at those locations.

The works carried out in Kučevo are worth 11 million euros, and are practically the largest infrastructural investments in this municipality. As previously announced, the work on the Rabrovo location should also begin this autumn.

Kladovo: In several locations, works are nearing completion

By the end of October, works are expected to be completed at several locations in the Municipality of Kladovo. Velika Vrbica, Rtkovo, Brza Palanka, Rit are locations where communal infrastructure is being built as part of the “Clean Serbia” project.

As part of the “Clean Serbia” project, work continues on the excavation and installation of fecal sewage pipes at the construction site in Velika Vrbica, Municipality of Kladovo. The total projected length is 7,888.4 m. So far, 2,095.3 meters have been constructed and preparations for asphalting the streets are underway.

At the construction site in Korbovo, Kladovo, in the same municipality, 1,920.24 meters of the total projected length of 7,675.99 meters have been constructed so far. Preparations for asphalting streets under asphalt are underway.

In the same municipality, intensive works are also being carried out in Rtkov, where the works are in the final phase in a length of 473.38 m out of the total projected length of 6,471.66 m. Completion of works on the construction of fecal sewage is also expected in Brza Palanka, where the works started in August of this year and where 1,176.00 meters of the planned 2,287.00 meters have already been completed. The expected completion of the works is October 30, 2022.

Works on the construction of fecal sewage in Rit settlement in Kladovo municipality also started in mid-August and already 1,176.00 meters of the projected 2,984.00 meters have been constructed. The expected completion of the works is also at the end of October.

The “Clean Serbia” project envisages the construction of 41 kilometers of sewage network in Kladovo and two waste water treatment plants in the suburban settlement of Kostol and in the MZ Podvrška.

Works within the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project are progressing

Rainy September did not reduce the scope of works within the ‘Clean Serbia’ Project. New dozens of sewage network meters have been executed in each of the cities and municipalities in which the Project is being implemented while on the other hand September marked the finish of works on certain locations. During the previous month designing of new routes of sewage infrastructure begun so that new sites could be opened as soon as spring begins.

SN. Site What is being executed Length executed in meters Total length in meters Note

(if necessary)

1. Lajkovac Sewage 587.00 8,594.99  
2. Knić Sewage 3142.30 m 34390.80  
3. Kragujevac Sewage 8720.60 m 41745.42  
4. Krupanj Sewage 0.00 1,611.60  
5. Kladovo Sewage Brza Palanka 1123m

Rit 796m

5271m Correction of sewage network is being done in Rtkovo
6. Lazarevac Sewage 967.00 11,510.43  
7. Mionica Sewage 649.00 1,829.47  
8. Obrenovac Sewage 157.34 11,967.44  
9. Svrljig Sewage 1212.90 2072.20 Length according to the Annex 6040m
10. Varvarin Sewage 9686.95 27041 44739m
11. Vranje Sewage 5785.45 11698.07 141675m
12. Kučevo Sewage Kučevo phase I 313m

Kučevo phase II 1428m

13. Novi Sad Sewage 26683.56 42,072.51 2 aktivna gradilišta


14. Novi Bečej Sewage 38280.48 46,535.25 2 aktivna gradilišta.


15. Banja Vrujci Sewage 0.00 3,595.86  
16. Veliki Crljeni Sewage 799.00 6,236.90  

Asphalting has begun in the Milivoja Bankovića Sićka Street in Kragujevac

Within the „Clean Serbia“ Project in Kragujevac, asphalting of the Milivoja Bankovića Sićka Street ha begun. Asphalting is being done in the full lenght of the street.

Asphalting in the Milivoja Bankvića Sićka Street is being executed in the lenght of 1,292.5 meters after the contruction of sewage network has been executed in the street, 40 manholes have been done and pipe of the fi 250 profile have been installed.  Dynamic of works planned for the completion of the first half of the street yesterday, while the other half will be completed on the first working day of the following week.  The Contractor of works in the aforementioned area is the company Concord West ltd, while the asphalting itself is being executed by the Road Company Kragujevac.

The aforementioned street is just one of many locations at which works are being executed in Kraguevac so the intesive works on the construction of sewage infrastructure are currently ongoing at the following locations:  Male pčelice , Brdjanska St., Maršić, Ilićevo2. . In total, the ‚Clean Serbia‘ Project plans for the construction of  41,745.42 m of sewage infrastructure in Kragujevac.

The Regional Center Kragujevac covers the execution of works in Knić at the following sections: Kusovac-Toponica, Knić Unit 3 while the Kusovac drain has already been completed. The Project in Knić  plans the construction of  34,390.80 m of sewage network.