Mayor of Novi Sad Milos Vucevic in visit of works in Cenej

On Sunday, March 27, the works on the construction of fecal sewage network in Cenej were visited by the Mayor of Novi Sad Milos Vucevic and the representatives of the Regional Center of the China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC).

“Over two billion RSD is being invested in sewage in Cenej and Kisac. Addressing those municipal problems will bring those two villages up to the development rank of villages in Austria, Hungary and Slovakia”, the Mayor of Novi Sad, Milos Vucevic, has stated.

In the Settlement of Cenej, Municipality of Novi Sad, more than 13.5 of fecal sewage network has been constructed so far, and a total of 17,498 meters of network as well as a contemporary wastewater treatment plant is planned for construction.

Intensive works in Vranje

Works on the construction of the sewage network in Vranje within the scope of the “Clean Serbia” Project, which have began in November, are progressing according to the planned dynamics. So far, a kilometer of sewage has been constructed.

With the more favorable weather conditions, the works on the construction of the sewage network have been intensified in Vranje. Currently, the works are being carried out at the locations in Kosovska Street, Bunusevac No. 1. Surveyors have marked the route for the sewage network yesterday, in the Kovacevica and Dimitrija Tucovica Streets. The works will begin on Monday, March 28 in the aforementioned streets, and it is expected that works will also begin in the Frans de Perea and Hilandarska Streets.

On the territory of the City of Vranje, a new sewage network will be constructed, in the length of 142 kilometers.

The value of the investment is 70 million EUR and that is one of the biggest investments being implemented in Vranje. The Project will cover all villages in the Moravian basin, so all wastewaters will be directed towards the Wastewater treatment plant.


Municipality of Aleksinac drawing closer to „Clean Serbia“

While extensive works are underway in Aleksinac on the construction of a water supply network, this Municipality, according to its President Dalibor Radicevic is working intensively on designing a sewage network and a wastewater treatment plant. These works will be executed within the scope of the „Clean Serbia“ Project.

„Currently, 67 km of sewage network as well as a wastewater treatment plant is being designed. That is a huge investment, one which the Municipality of Aleksinac would not have been able to realize in the next 20 or 30 years. The plant itself represents the biggest investment. We will reach a point where 35% of the population will have sewage network“, says the President of the Municipality.

The implementation of the „Clean Serbia“ Project in Aleksinac will include a construction of the WWTP 1 Aleksinacko polje PE-25,000. The total lenght of the sewage network that will be constructed is 68,225.00 meters. The construction of the sewage network will cover the following settlements, villages and parts of the Municipality of Aleksinac: Collectors Aleksinac    – 31,860.00 m, settlement of Aleksinac – 2,365.00 m, settlement of Aleksinacki rudnik – 5,600.00 m, settlement of Zitkovac – 10,645.00 m, settlement of Prcilovica 10,235.00 m and the settlement of  Moravac 7,520.00 m.


Minister Momirovic visiting the works in Kladovo

The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirovic has visited with his associates the works on construction of sewage infrastructure in Kladovo which are being implemented within the scope of the “Clean Serbia” Project.

The implementation of the “Clean Serbia” Project in Kladovo began in November of last year, and the works are carried out by the companies CRBC and PIM Belgrade.

The Minister reminded that 41 km of sewage network and two wastewater treatment plants will be constructed on the territory of the Municipality of Kladovo: in Kladovo and in the settlement of Podvrska. ‘The “Clean Serbia” Project is a contribution by the state to all Local Self-Governments of Serbia with the goal of systematic solution of all ecology-related problems. That is why all of this that we do can also be perceived from the aspect of even regional development. Our goal is to protect the environment, our rivers, mountains, for the future generations and to improve the living conditions of every single resident,’ said the Minister.

The works are currently being executed on three construction sites, and have been intensified with the more favorable weather conditions:

KORBOVO (completed works): Pipes DN 200 -100m, Pipes 250 – 1.303 m, Manholes – 44 placed.

VELIKA VRBICA (completed works): Pipes DN 250 – 1,158 m, Pipes DN 200 – 514 meters, Manholes –  68 placed.

RTKOVO (completed works): Pipes DN 250 – 271m, Manholes – 13 placed.

Total value of the “Clean Serbia” Project in the Municipality of Kladovo is 21,306,281 EUR.

Works progressing within “Clean Serbia” project

Despite the bad weather and winter conditions of work, the works on the construction of the sewage network on several opened construction sites in 14 cities and municipalities have certainly not halted.

On several locations, more than the half of planned works have been completed, which opens up the possibility for works which were divided into phases to progress to the next phase. Several construction sites have been opened in the beginning of this year, but the pace of completed works was going according to the plan, despite the snow, rain and lower temperatures.

The “Clean Serbia” Project plans the construction of 5,206,679.31 m of sewage network in total, and the number of wastewater treatment plants is almost the half of the total number needed for the whole of Serbia (165 WWTPs).

The works are expected to start on more locations this year, as well as the signing of the contracts with the cities and municipalities.

1. Lajkovac, completed – 2,869.15m

2. Knic – Kusovac drain -730m

3. Kragujevac :

Male Pcelice 113m


Milivoja Bankovica Sicka – 690.5 m

Marsic -554m

4. Krupanj -1,265.30m


Velika Vrbica: 840,62m completed sewer collectors on the basin 400

Korbovo: 172,91m completed sewer collectors on the basin 600

970,15m completed sewer collectors on the basin 700

Rtkovo: 120m completed sewer collectors on the basin 800

6. Lazarevac: 3,805.4m

7. Mionica: 850.34m

8. Obrenovac: 5,617m

9. Svrljig :

Ljubovacka towards the Mrgodova DN200 -191.00m

Ljubovacka towards the Groblje DN200 -138.20m

10. Varvarin:

Obrez- DN200 -588.50m/ DN315 -150.00m

11. Vranje:

Kosovska Street DN200 -499.50m/ Atmospheric sewage DN400 -76.00m

Bunosevac DN315 -256.00m

12. Kucevo: 840.62m

13. Novi Sad:

Cenej 11,946.00

Potisa 2,384.00 m

Kisac– Gravitational sewage: 5,906.00 m

14.Novi Becej 701 m

President Vucic in Majur and Koceljeva: No difference between our and villages of Switzerland after “Clean Serbia”

Within the scope of pre-Election activities, the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic has visited Majur and Koceljeva. Among the key projects the state has been implementing in these two places in Serbia, the President has put a special emphasis on the “Clean Serbia” Project.

In conversation with the residents of Majur, the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic has announced the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” Project for the entirety of Sabac, of which Majur is a part. He said that the implementation of the Project for Sabac will cost 46 million EUR.

„That money has already been allocated from the program ‘Clean Serbia’. After its completion, there will be no difference between Majur and the typical village of Australia and Switzerland. With the influx of investors, more employment and higher wages upon completion, there will be no more problems”, the President has explained.

The “Clean Serbia” Project plans for the construction of 23,215.00 m of sewage network in the Local Community of Majur specifically. The total length of the sewage network which will be constructed on the territory of Sabac is 150,022.00 meters.  The construction of wastewater treatment plants will ocver 10,000 residents. For the sake of preservation of the River Sava, the following will be constructed:  WWTP 1 Prnjavor PE-4,000, WWTP 2 Drenovac PE-2,000, WWTP 3 Slepcevic PE-2,000 and WWTP 4 Lipolist PE-2.000.

During the visit of the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic to Koceljeva, the President has announced the construction of road network, revitalization of the road towards Ub in the length of 25 km in order to make the Highway “Milos the Great” more accessible to the residents of Koceljeva. Among key projects which will increase the quality of life of the residents of Koceljeva the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic has emphasized the “Clean Serbia” Project.

The “Clean Serbia” Project plans the sewage network in the length of 17,484.75 meters for the territory of Koceljeva. The construction of the sewage network will cover the following settlements, villages and parts of the municipality: The settlement of Koceljeva  – 9,615.00m, the settlement of Donje Crniljevo – 1,500.00m, the settlements of Draginje and Brdarica – 6,369.75 m. The construction of the wastewater treatment plants in Koceljeva will cover 5,500 residents. In order to preserve the nature and the River Tamnava, the following will be constructed: WWTP 1 Koceljeva PE-4000, WWTP 2 Draginje PE- 1,500.


Momirovic: 67 km of sewage network in Vrnjacka Banja

The Minister Tomislav Momirovic during his visit to Vrnjacka Banja has announced the works in the scope of the “Clean Serbia” Project. According to his words, 67 km of sewage network and a wastewater treatment plant will be constructed on the territory of this municipality.

“I expect that will we start working on the sewage infrastructure in the upcoming month. We will construct 67 km of brand new infrastructure, I also expect that we will begin working on a wastewater treatment plant within a year. The deadline for the total completion of the project is three years, but I expect that we will finish constructing the sewage infrastructure within a year and a half, and that we will need around one year’s time to complete the plant and that we will be able to say that all wastewaters from Vrnjacka Banja are entering the nature completely clean. That is the highest level existing in Europe and those are the prerequisites for further development of Vrnjacka Banja”, says the Minister.

The construction of the sewage network will cover the central zone of the municipality but also the village area, says the Municipality President Boban Djurovic.

“As far as the sewage and drainage of municipal waters, we are solving the whole of Vrnjacka Banja, the Project will cover the whole territory. What is most important is that we are working on key points in the city center which are problematic, mostly because the infrastructure, which is fairly old and was designed for a specific number of residents. The number of residents in Vrnjacka Banja is increasing,  especially thanks to those buying apartments and coming here frequently during the year and all that means that the current capacities are insufficient. Through this Project, we are changing old installations and are solving some key technical problems with the new ones, and what is most important we are covering complete parts of village territories which will wholly solve the drainage of wastewaters”, says the Municipality President.

The construction of wastewater treatment plant will cover 32,000 residents of Vranjacka Banja and immediate surroundings.