Works at seven locations in Mionica in planned dynamics

As many as seven construction sites are currently active in the Municipality of Mionica as part of the “Clean Serbia” project.

Works in the Municipality of Mionica are progressing according to the planned dynamics, so the sections of Rankovića street with a length of 262.30m, Antonijevića street 272.30m have already been completed. Works are underway at several locations: Divčibarski put 4, Breždjanska 1, Kevića sokak, Kneza Grbovića, Aleksandar Obradović, Milan Stanišić, Pajić street.

As part of the Clean Serbia project, in the next period, works on the construction of sewage infrastructure are planned at the following locations: Divčibarski put 1, Dragojevića strana, Mlin and  Breždjanska 2. In the month of November alone, the works included the installation of 100 manholes, and 2,489 m of sewage pipes were installed.

The importance of the ongoing works is evidenced by the statement of the President of the Municipality, Boban Janković, who said about the works: “This is our answer to environmental problems. These are projects worth 1.2 billions of dinars invested by the Government of the Republic of Serbia, which will greatly improve the health and ecological image of our municipality”.


November works in Kragujevac(the video)

New construction sites in Kragujevac for new kilometers of sewage network

Works within the “Clean Serbia” project in Kragujevac are currently being carried out at the Petrovac and Veliko polje – Grošnica locations. The works were completed in Dimitrija Katić and Sveta Pavlović Streets.

In the settlement of Petrovac in Kragujevac, works are underway on the construction of a 3,920 m long sewage network, where as many as 125 manholes and 250 cisterns will be installed. So far, works have been carried out in Djurdja Branković Street for a length of 100 meters and work has begun in Kikindska street.

In the settlement of Grošnica, the “Clean Serbia” project envisages the construction of 3,139 meters. Work has begun on the installation of the sewage network in Kučajska street, where 90 meters have already been completed, and the project envisages the installation of 115 manholes and pipes of the fi250 profile.

That the implementation of the project in Kragujevac is progressing is also evidenced by the fact that after the completion of the works on laying the pipes in Bogoljuba Djurdjevića Street in the upper part, technical tests are underway, while the works in the same street in its lower part have already started.

New construction site in the Municipality of Knić

After the construction of the outlet in Kusovac with a length of 1,045m in the municipality of Knić, the works on the construction of the Kusovac-Toponica sewage network were started.

In the Municipality of Knić, the construction of another sewerage route on the route Kusovac – Toponica has begun, with a projected length of 5.6 kilometers. In the mentioned section, the “Clean Serbia” project envisages the installation of fi200 pipes in a length of 2,572m, fi250 in a length of 1,418m, fi 300 in a length of 1,633m. 185 manholes will be installed on the entire section, and the construction of the pressure pipeline fi110 with a length of 630m is planned.

The value of works on the construction of sewage infrastructure in the Municipality of Knić is 16.3 million euros.

The total length of the sewage network that will be built is 34,360.80 meters, and the construction of a wastewater treatment plant is also planned.

Dry autumn is favorable for works on project

The good weather conditions this autumn enabled the work on the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project to proceed smoothly. In the past month, a new kilometer of sewage network was built:

No Construction site The length now being worked in meters Total length meters Note

(if necessary)

1. Lajkovac 0,00 8.622,16
2. Knić 4027.09 34,390.80
3. Kragujevac 10375.40 41,745.42
4. Krupanj 0,00 1.611,60
5. Kladovo BrzaPalanka L= 102m


Rit L= 395m

BrzaPalanka L= 2.185m od 2.287m pougovoru.


Rit L= 1.777m od 2.984m pougovoru.


6. Lazarevac 953,00 12.450,52
7. Mionica 369,00 2.198,47
8. Obrenovac 677,97 12.645,41
9. Svrljig The total length of the currently running sections:


Total length of open sections: 2409,20 length per annex:


10. Varvarin 12900,25 35768,14 44739m
11. Vranje 2286 8708,07 141675m
12. Kučevo Faza I L= 466m


Faza II L= 568m

Faza I L= 5.185m od 7.115m pougovoru.


Faza II L= 3.352,50m od 10.313,50m pougovoru.


13. Novi Sad 1.895,33 26.683,56
14. Novi Bečej 1.204,06 38.280,12
15. Banja Vrujci 0,00 3.522,67
16. VelikiCrljeni 862,00 7.098,90


The Valjevo regional center of the “Clean Serbia” project monitors the execution of works in as many as six municipalities: Lajkovac, Lazarevac, Obrenovac, Krupanj, Mionica, Veliki Crljeni.

Works in Krupanj slowed down by issues of unsolved property legal relations

In the Municipality of Krupanj, the works on the construction of sewage network within the „Clean Serbia“ Project are currently being slowed down by the issues of unsolved property legal relations .

In the Municipality of Krupanj, the works are executed at the sections of wastewater sewage: Opštini Krupaj radovi se inače izvode na  deonicama fekalna kanalizacije:  Privredne štale and Lipenović polje, the main collector and wastewater sewage in the Žiće Markovića St.

At the locations of  Privredne štale and Lipenović polje,  1,213.90 m of the designed  2,715.83m have been completed in terms of wastewater sewage, while in terms of the Main collector, 292.4m have been completed from the total designed lenght of 884.3m.

The works were executed in the Žiće Markovića St. Where 101.94m from the total designed length of 99m were executed.

Works on the construction of sewage network have currently ceased until the property legal relations have been solved.

The unresolved issues of property legal relations related to the construction of sewage network and technically inadequate previously constructed sewage network related to the reconstruction of the network are the two problems contractors of the works face in the process of Project implementation, and which are not in their immediate competency.

The Municipalities in which the works are carried out are responsible for resolving property legal relations, so currently in the Municipality of Krupanj these problems are being worked on.

Preparations for asphalting in Mionica are nearing completion

The “Clean Serbia” Project plans for the construction of wastewater sewage in the length of 19 kilometers and will cover all settlements in the Municipality of Mionica which have so far lacked a sewage.

Currently, the works are ongoing in Mionica on the construction of sewage network in the settlement of Jasenje where 850.47m has been executed already. The works on this location are reaching their end so preparatory works for restoring the driveway to its original state and asphalting works are underway.

So far, from the 11,341.9m of the designed sewage network, 1,375.50m has been completed in the settlement of Mionica.

Currently, installation works and preparatory works for the restoration of the terrain to its original state are underway.

The “Clean Serbia” Project plans for the construction of sewage network in the following settlements: Jasenje, Divčibarski put, Brežđanska, Kovačevića put, Tešanovića put, Kneza Grbovića krak, Kevića sokače, part of Aleksandar Obrenović, Dragojevića strana, Milana Stanišića, Obilaznica, Đurđevića sokak, Novakovići sokak, Pajići sokak, Rankovići sokak, Jevtovića sokak, Antonijevići sokak, Valjevski put.



Sewer network for four settlements in Lazarevac

Works on the construction of fecal sewers in the Municipality of Lazarevac at as many as four locations are slowly coming to an end.

As part of the “Clean Serbia” project in the Municipality of Lazarevac, sections of the sewerage network were built in the settlements of Momčilo Pavlović and Branko Radičević, Beli potok and Miletića kraj.

Of the total projected length of 16,884.0 m of fecal sewage in the neighborhood of Momčilo Pavlović and Branko Radičević, 10,729.0 m was constructed. Along with the mentioned works, the construction of fecal sewage was also carried out in Belo Potok, where 1,100.0 m of the total projected length of 1,897.0 m was constructed. Out of the total projected length of 1074.0 m, 556.0 m were constructed as part of the construction of the sewage network in the settlement of Miletića Kraj.

Currently, installation works and works on the preparation of the terrain are being carried out to restore it to its original state.

The value of the works in the municipalities of Lazarevac and Veliki Crljeni is 48 million euros.

Đurić: We are continuing the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project

The new mayor of Novi Sad, Milan Đurić, in an interview with Novi Sad’s Dnevnik, pointed out that Novi Sad is not giving up on the implementation of the “Clean Serbia” project in this city.

In his presentation, Đurić also emphasized the importance of the construction projects of the Central Treatment Plant and the sewerage network for those settlements where there was none until now.

“Construction of the Central Wastewater Purifier is one of the strategic priorities in the coming period, it is part of the “Clean Serbia” project, which is financed from the national budget. The implementation of the first phase, which includes the construction and reconstruction of the sewage network in Kisac, Čenej, Podbara, Limani one and two, is underway. The purchase of land at the location in Rokovo potok, where a treatment plant will be built according to the most modern technical and technological solutions, which will be able to “follow” the needs of the further development of the city, is now in the process, said Đurić.

The new mayor of Novi Sad also says that waste management is key for the city.

“By building a regional waste management system, we will provide the City with everything it needs for waste management in the next 50 years.” The total value of the project is about 114 million euros, and it will be realized in three phases, so it is important to point out that the City secured 41 million euros in grants from the IPA fund for the realization of the first phase. The plan is to announce a public call for the implementation of the first phase by the spring of next year, so that the works themselves could begin in 2024,” Đurić told Dnevnik.

The benefit of the implementation of both projects will be felt first of all by the citizens of Novi Sad and the surrounding towns, and both projects are strategic for the people of Novi Sad.

“Both projects are of strategic importance for Novi Sad, and the previous several city authorities promised and announced them. Since the SNS has been in power, we have managed to create all the conditions and environment for a start

implementation, and I expect that it will continue to follow the established dynamics. It is important that the people of Novi Sad finally get both a sewage treatment plant and a landfill, and not which politician will cut the red tape in the end”, Đurić stated for Dnevnik.