Minister Momirovic visits the works in Lazarevac

Minister Tomislav Momirovic has visited the works on the construction of sewage network in Lazarevac within the „Clean Serbia“ Project. Currently, the works on the construction of 80 km of sewage network are underway.

„In these difficult circumstances everyone is stopping their investments and looking at an uncertain future, our goal is to carry through all investments and provide a better life for people, higher wages and pensions. I am glad to be in Lazarevac, in the local community of Susnjar, which is a third location in Lazarevac to be opened for works. The Government of the Republic of Serbia is working on a total of 80 km of sewage infrastructure in Lazarevac,  and we are also building roads here”, says the Minister of Construction and Traffic Momirovic.

The works on the construction of the sewage network within the “Clean Serbia” Project in the Municipality of Lazarevac and at the location of Veliki Crljeni are going according to the planned dynamic and in accordance with the weather conditions and field requirements. So far 8,680.39 meters of brand-new sewage network has been built in the Municipality of Lazarevac, while at the location of Veliki Crljeni, 4,518.9 meters of sewage network has been built.

,,On the territory of the Municipality of Lazarevac almost nine local communities which have anticipated in the “Clean Serbia” Project are covered. Over 3500 households in these nine local communities will receive a sewage network, and a main wastewater collector is being constructed in the length of 5.7 kilometers Additionally, we are thankful to the Minister for the road infrastructure which is currently being built in the Municipality of Lazarevac” says Bojan Stevic, president of the Municipality of Lazarevac.

In the Municipality of Lazarevac, construction of 25,052.88 meters of sewage network and one wastewater treatment plant which will cover 40 000 residents is planned. Additionally, within the “Clean Serbia” Project, in the settlement of Veliki Crljeni, 52,597.59 meters of sewage network will be built, as well as a wastewater treatment plant which will cover 20 000 residents.